Monkeygrass is an evergreen perennial used mostly as a ground cover

Golden Varigated Monkey Grass

Monkey Grass (Mondo)

Monkey grass, also known as mondo grass, is an evergreen perennial used mostly as a ground cover and a favorite ground cover for much of the south. It works well as a path border, between stepping-stones or flowerbeds and lawns and rock gardens. It competes well with roots of other plants and makes an excellent covering in shady areas under trees and shrubs. It never needs regular mowing, but should be cut back severely in either late fall or late winter.

Plants are tufted and grow as high as 16". Its dark green leaves are smooth and grass-like, a 1/2" wide, fine to medium in texture and erect to arching. Flowers are usually white or white-tinged with lilac. Flowering and fruiting occur from July through September.

Monkey Grass flowers

Monkey grass is sometimes confused with liriope, but the leaves of monkey grass are narrower, its flowers are smaller and hidden by the leaves, and the fruits are a truer blue than the bluish-black berries of liriope. Monkey grass does not stand up to cold as well as liriope.