Q: I had a number of areas in my St. Augustine lawn that were damaged by Brown patch this past fall and seem to have died or has no grass growing up through it. Should I bring in dirt to level off the yard and provide a base for the roots to grow? B. B. — Florida

The dead areas need to be cleaned up and re-plugged. Adding soil is not necessary, at least not for the lawn. If you have other problems that would be solved by adding more soil, that's something else. St Augustine is normally grown from sod or plugs and not seed (which is available, but not widely). You can purchase new plugs at a local nursery, or buy a plug tool and remove some plugs from healthy areas and insert them into the damaged areas at about 10" spacing. Re-plugging or re-sodding can be done anytime during the active growing times during the year as long as there is adequate water.

Give your lawn a good fertilizer treatment that's specifically formulated for St Augustine.

This advice should be taken lightly since I am basing it solely on the descriptions you have given, which may or may not be correct. I would suggest that you contact a local lawn care professional for a thorough analysis. This analysis is usually free with an estimate for their lawn care.