Q: My lawn is 2 1/2yrs. old. The original owners did nothing to this lawn. There are large clumps of grass included in the turf. Also a couple of dead bare spots. What is a good starting point with my Kentucky lawn? B.C. Kentucky

Fertilization would be the best place to start. As you can see, a lawn will quickly deteriorate if not given the proper care. I would suggest you contact a local lawn care provider to give you a good evaluation and estimate for treating your lawn. That will give you a good idea of what problems actually exist and what it might cost to have someone take care of things for you without all the hassles. While I can't recommend any one company specifically, you might ask a neighbor that has a good looking lawn and ask them who they use.

If you prefer to do it yourself, you'll need to put your lawn on a regular schedule of fertilization (roughly every 2 months, following label directions carefully). For bare spots you can overseed now as long as you haven't applied a Halts type product (if you have, then you'll need to amend the soil to destroy the protective barrier put down by the pre-emergent) to control crabgrass. You can tell if there was a crabgrass problem last year by looking for dead wiry looking clumps in your lawn now. If so, probably will want to put down a pre-emergent (like Halts). The large lumps of grass are probably a type of fescue, which can sometimes invade a lawn. While there's no specific weed control that will remove this, in time, it should be crowded out with tender loving care and regular overseeding in the fall.